A day not so friendly

All right, so its friendship day today, a day when every old friend will drop a text on your whats app, making the plans , spending time, laughing, and then at the end of the day, lying on bed, going through Facebook, Instagram, snap chat stories, its all there. The celebrations, the  dance, beer, sweet poses, every possible thing.

All this makes us smile, makes our day.Well this time its different for me.
i didn’t sleep last night, i was studying but wasn’t so productive at it. I received texts from my friends .

About plans related to hanging out, 2 of my friends asked , out of which one became my friend a day before . The other friend had his plans in the evening and i am not a morning person to execute the celebrations in the morning ( provided the fact that it is my hair wash day ).
My closest friend is on her periods .
conclusion: I have nothing to do , but stay in the room, study a little bit, watch suits, write my blog. SEE there i am!
How much worse can things get? yeah, it was a remark from someone very close to me related to ”STUDIES”.

Feeling right now:
1. Upset
2. irritated
3. De-motivated
4. confused
5. hungry

I just want this day to end. half of the day is still left, i just hope it goes normal. Just like any other day.
I write because it helps me to focus on other things . I feel so light and happy!

( I am free all day, ping me and feel free to share stuff. ”A friend to talk”.)


My sleepless silent nights!

My composition, when i tend to write at night!


Sometimes i am not scared of death at all. It will come one day. It can be the very next second, or may be when i will finish this article.
How uncertain life can be, and yet people say that why are you being so negative, talking about death!

Well, well! Death is not scary, its as natural as a new born baby. Its an end to something we have experienced and may be a start to something new. Smile as i always say and welcome it with your open arms. Embrace it . It will be okay, dont worry.

We are on  the same path. Its just I am ahead of someone and somebody is ahead of me.
For all the people i love or the ones who have loved me, see you on the other side someday!

1 soul, 2 souls?

Good morning!
A bright Tuesday morning, and this is my third cup since morning (haven’t slept the entire night, and did no constructive work)
A lesson i learnt recently, action speaks louder than words. Earlier it was just a phrase for me but now ive come to know the reality that exists behind such beautiful words.
1.The way you are with others
2.the way we act
3.the way we react to a situation
4. the types of decisions taken in life
5. the types of people we are friends with
6. the types of things we value the most

Well, the list goes on and it has been a while that i have come to this realization that everybody cant be like you. The world will never work according to your plans.
The people you love will not always act the way you want them to.

For me this is disheartening. The people i love, if they behave in an inappropriate way, i will feel bad, ofc i will. It hurts. To whom should i go to, to whom should i call that yes this person is mine and he or she is perfect for me. I dont think this will ever happen in real life.

Our parents are caring, but you are not always like them. you are not always being the mature and a responsible person. May be this is the way life is. We just find happiness in every person, we neglect the negative aspects , we just focus on the positive and that gets us going.

I might be wrong, may be i am expecting in a wrong direction, may be i am behaving like a kid now. Fact that still holds true is that my life partner wont be exactly like me. If he is, ill be the happiest person !
But sigh, lets face it! That wont be the case.
But out of trillions, not even a single person? come on universe! You cant be so harsh!!!

What about the whole concept of finding soulmates? the soul is one, but how can two persons be so different. This is all going over my head . ( sleep deprived, symptoms!)

let me end up on a positive note, Having hopes. hope to find someone soon
Till then i can build up my chemistry with my pets and books ! ❤ ❤  :p


A ‘perfect’ inch

Lately i have been browsing through many online shopping sites. Hopping sites after sites i decided to buy underclothing for myself. May be a set of pretty lace bra, experimenting with new colors, may be neon this time. How about some comfortable bralettes? Or may be trying some new push up bras. So making up my mind, i came across number of websites. Seemed like a vast ocean of pretty little things. Eyes widening, wanting all of it ( ignoring the fact they all were so damn pricey).
So opening the sites, digging in deep, one thought just crossed my mind, – ‘ i dont have a perfect body like these models’. The homepage itself was something like this.zivame-eoss-discount-sale.jpg

So yeah, by default may be the society accepts that the beauty is defined by fatfree body, toned, a thigh gap may be, perfect to sum it all.
I would have felt good when this clothing, or rather  i would say any kind of clothing was tried on girls like me, like u, like the majority of the population. A bloating tummy, some baby fat on arms, thick thighs, chubby cheeks, are these considered undesirable to the human eyes?
A person like me, i put on a lot of weight, people expect you to have a perfect figure, may be a little closer to it, you will be appreciated. Some things are not in our control. People will always prefer the model figure over an average figure. The guys will keep fantasizing over the perfect size and constantly turning their heads to the lady having perfect curves, leaving the girl he is actually with in a mind set of working out and keeping him happy.
Cutting down on her favorite meals!
Agreeing to the fact that   males in our society might as well face the same things.
This was my personal experience, clearing the fact that i appreciate all body types. i like the flat tummy and i, as well love my small bloating tummy that is coming out right now (all thanks to my mom’s food).
I am happy the way i am, may be some of us are not, being vulnerable towards the physical attributes is a challenge these days!

Sketched something in the journal ,



Concluding it with the title to this article, what is that ‘‘PERFECT INCH ”?

It is simple the curve that u put on your face every single day, Your SMILE! 🙂
Keep smiling , feel your own beauty!